Family Turning Point interventions employ psycho-educational presentations, parent coaching, child coaching, parenting skills development, and structured experiential activities to address the issues found in families with co-parenting conflict and parent-child contact problems.

Our Group Interventions, including Co-Parenting without Conflict, Ongoing Co-Parenting Group and and Resisted Parent Group are designed to help families learn and practice co-parenting skills while developing deeper insight into the complex relationships of their particular family.

Our Family Interventions are offered to families in which a child is beginning to resist having a relationship with parent or has begun to refuse to have contact with a parent. All interventions are tailor-made.

Family Turning Point offers intensive family interventions that involve a coach for each parent and the child and an activity coordinator, who engages the family in pleasurable activities and observes family interactions during these activities. The benefits of an intensive intervention is that problems can be resolved more quickly and the child is given the opportunity to engage in fun activities with the rejected parent and observe his/her parents actively engaging in collaborative co-parenting.